Kick start your ento-career

Do you want to know more about the insect sector or how to rear insects? Take a look at our training courses that will get you on your feet in the insect industry! 

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Insect Introduction Seminar (ENG)

  • 1 session (online)
  • Introduction to the insect sector
  • Key insights into insect value chains
  • Introduction to EU policy & regulation
  • Market opportunities and trends
  • Suitable for all audiences & backgrounds

Basic Rearing Course (ENG)

  • 5 days (on-site)
  • Key rearing theory & background
  • Hands-on practical work
  • Essential rearing techniques & inputs
  • Business case insights
  • Suitable for entrepreneurs and beginner rearers

Insect Processing Course (ENG)

  • 3 days (on-site)
  • Key insect processing techniques for feed
  • Quality & safety management
  • Hands-on practical work
  • Value chain overview
  • Suitable for feed millers, food technologists & feed professionals

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