About New Generation Nutrition (NGN)

NGN is a social enterprise in the field of sustainable nutrition by specializing in insect farming and insect-based food and feed solutions both in- and outside of Europe. Founded with a vision to address global food challenges, NGN stands at the forefront of the insect sector, offering innovative training, consultancy, and research services. Committed to sustainability and high-quality, NGN actively collaborates with various partners to develop and promote insect farming and insect-based products, contributing to a more sustainable and efficient food system. Connecting the science to practice. Our team's passion and expertise drive our mission to revolutionize nutrition for a better future.

Innovative training

Providing comprehensive training programs to educate and empower individuals in the field of insect rearing. 
Product development

Co-developing and promoting sustainable, insect-based products as alternatives in the food and feed industries.

Offering specialized consultancy services to support businesses in the insect industry.
Research and development

Engaging in cutting-edge research to advance the knowledge and application of insect-based solutions in food and feed.



People introduced to the insect sector


People trained as insect rearers


(International) industry events coordinated


Insect-based food products developed


Feed products on the market


Years of experience in the insect sector