Flying Food

Logo FFIn May 2013 the project Flying Food was started with the aim to start up the cricket culture at 4,000 small farmers. These crickets are primarily used for own consumption. If the production increases, two commercial food processing companies will be formed to process the crickets to healthy products. In this project the partners want to reach one million consumers, especially low-income families. Knowledge is spread by putting up Insect Knowledge Centres in Kenya and Uganda, so that this business can expand and scale up.

Crickets are edible and nutritious, making them a fantastic solution for deficiencies protein, vitamins and minerals for people with the lowest income in certains counties in Africa. By farming crickets people will be assured of the availability of affordable, high-protein food year round. With partners, we are creating the culture of crickets in Kenya and Uganda. Project partners train small farmers and put together the whole chain including processing, packaging, distribution and consumption. 

Partners in the Flying Food project are: TNO (coordinator), VENIK, Kreca, NGN Pro-Active, Nostimos B.V., M. Ruig en Zonen B.V., Jagran B.V., ICCO, BoPInc and HAS University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, JOOUST University, ADS, MIXA Foods and Beverages and KBL in Kenya and ICCO ROCEA and BADDA in Uganda. The project runs from 2013 until 2017 and is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the framework of the FDOV Public Private Partnership program.

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