meet our team

Meet the NGN team – a passionate group of professionals leading the charge in sustainable nutrition. With expertise in insect-based solutions, our team is committed to transforming the food system into one that is circular, inclusive, and capable of addressing global challenges. Together, we're building a future where nutrition is sustainable, accessible, and innovative.
Marian Peters
CEO and founder
Linda Agbotah
Project lead international
Tim Vlastuin
food technologist
Martin Geerdink
human resource manager
Shannon den Engelsman
Project supervisor
John Amole
project lead nigeria 
Floris van der Plas
Lab, quality and business
Annemarie Eltink
finance manager
Natalia Naranjo Guevara
senior Project manager
Raffaela Schreurs
Project lead mediterranean
Jacques Wijnoogst
feed expert
Edgar Snoeck
food technologist