Research & Development

NGN conducts research for its own products, focusing especially on the nutritional components in the raw materials that are used. In addition, we also pay close attention to how these raw materials contribute to animal growth and what impact they have on health.

The main raw materials being investigated are insects, but other sustainable raw materials are also used at NGN, such as algae, fishery by-catch products, seaweeds and by-products from the fruit and vegetable industry. The use of alternative ingredients such as fresh insects, herbs and algae makes the food very tasty for carnivores, insect eaters and omnivores. NGN animal feed can contain up to 50% insects, depending on the target animal for which the feed is made.

Simple thinking, sustainability and the processing of residual flows are high on our priority list. This is one of the reasons why we do not dry in our processes. Drying is an energy-consuming and therefore very expensive processing step that doesn't benefit our environment. The NGN animal feed is produced by a newly developed process that omits this drying step. To keep the feed stable, a mixture of organic acids, minerals and herbs is added to the feed.

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