Consultancy and Quality Handbooks

Consultancy and advice on the breeding of insects:

Although insects in theory offer a good alternative to conventional protein sources, breeding often proves to be a huge challenge!

This is because insects are often sensitive to different environmental factors so it is essential to have a robust and versatile breeding system that guarantees optimum productivity and at the same time keeps the work manageable. Our team has many years of experience in developing insect breeding systems, from small to large-scale, for various species. We work in the Netherlands but also internationally in Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda, among others.

In-house expert Mark van de Ven has been breeding insects since 1998 and uses a practical approach for setting up rearing systems on all scales up to 2000 kg per week, with different types, climates and according to customer needs.

Quality handbook for insect farms:

NGN offers the possibility of drawing up a quality manual. NGN strives for a high level of consumer protection and animal health. To comply with this, the Guide for Good Hygiene Practices has been published ( The purpose of this handbook is to help insect breeders effectively implement EU legislation on food and feed safety.

To make this practical for insect growers, a quality manual has been developed (management system for food and feed safety) by NGN that can be made specifically for your rearing operations to guarantee the food safety of your end products.

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