Here at New Generation Nutrition we have a passionate team working on projects, innovations and all things insects!


Marian Peters

Marian studied Applied Science at Wageningen University, and in 2012 earned her MBA in Business Creation in Food and Health. She has 15 years of initiating innovative projects and drafting policy. Marian is also co-founder of VENIK and International InsectCentre

Marleen Vrij

Marleen studied Food Technology in Wageningen, and is experienced in product and process development for new materials, and in the application of novel ingredients for food and feed. Marleen has an extensive network in the feed and process technology field.

Mohammad Al Shikh
Research, Development & Production

Mohammad, with a background in chemical engineering and industrial production in the food industry, he brings 22 years of extensive experience. In particular, Mohammad specializes in production health and safety, raw materials selection and quality control.

Mark van de Ven
Insect Rearing Consultant

Setting up his first insect farm in 1998, Mark has gained extensive knowledge in the field of insect rearing. Having designed and built several insect farms, including mass rearing systems. In particular, Mark specializes in mealworms, lesser mealworms, morio worms and and maggots.

Femke Obbema
Business Manager

Femke is the “spider in the web” who manages the business administration and keeps everything running smoothly. Femke is involved in the organization of events such as seminars and symposiums and is experienced in managing connections in the NGN network.

Poppy Eyre
Business & Project Development

Poppy assists with the development of project and business activities at NGN, studying International Food and Agribusiness. 

Floris van der Plas
Research Assistant

Floris assists with the research and technical activities at NGN as we develop new products and processes. 

Annebel Van Der Waal
Food Designer

Annebel brings creativity from her studies in Food Innovation with a specialization in food design, developing new ideas to put bugs on the menu!