Trendcollege - English Edition

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Trend College  - English Edition

The first step in finding out if insect rearing is something for you! 


After successful editions of the Trend College in Dutch, we are in the process of developing an English edition of this introductory seminar. The Trend College covers key topics such as: 

  • Insects and market opportunities: the route from niche product to bulk application.
  • Insect breeding: production and technology.
  • Starting in the insect chain: economics, practicalities &  planning.
  • Automation in insect breeding.
  • Preconditions: legislation and quality

Who is the Trend College for?

The Trend College is for anyone with an interest in starting to rear insects as a business. If you have any of the following questions, the Trend College is what you have been looking for!

  • How do I start with insect breeding?
  • Which insect species should I breed? Mealworms, buffalo worms, crickets, grasshoppers or BSF?
  •  What do I need to start an insect farm?
  • How can I write a business plan and where can I find the market figures?
  • How much space do I need? And what is the difference between a mealworm farm and a grasshopper farm?
  • Where can I go for relevant knowledge?

Interested? Watch this space for announcements on when the English edition will be released!

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