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As part of the SUSINCHAIN H2020 project, we are setting up two living labs to collect practical insights from the ground in order to develop a set of best-practices for the insect industry.

SUSINCHAIN is a four-year project that focuses on the development of novel proteins for feed and food in Europe, with specific interest in insects.

Within the project, we will to establish a set of best-practices for the insect sector to ensure that the sector can professionalize into an organized and transparent industry.

Living Labs are groups of relevant, established stakeholders (active for min. 1 year) that can help to steer and provide input for relevant best practices.

Therefore, we are looking for established stakeholders in the EU insect industry to participate. Your input can help to steer the development of practical and relevant industry best practices, and to influence development of the insect sector! 

Two labs will be established: 

  • Living Lab 1 - Cost effective and safe insect rearing (insect rearers)
  • Living Lab 2 - Cost effective and safe value chain development (other value chain stakeholders such as input  suppliers, tech suppliers, logistics)

The Living Labs offer an excellent opportunity to get involved in the SUSINCHAIN project that is leading the way in insect research for Europe.

More about Living Labs...

What does being in a Living Lab mean?

Why should I participate?

What topics will be included?

How will you collect the information?

  • Over the course of 11 months (May 2020 - April 2021) we will periodically ask for your input on a selection of topics. This will take approximately 18 hours in total.
  • Opportunity to directly influence development of industry best practices and therefore steer the direction of industry standards.
  • Access to the latest information on sector challenges, opportunities and solutions based on input from a variety of stakeholders.
  • Opportunity for network and partnership building.
  • Successful (and unsuccessful!) business models in the insect sector.
  • Best practices at primary production and along the value chain.
  • Key lessons learned from your experiences.
  • Information will be mainly collected via telephone conferences and surveys
  • Four participants will be selected for in-depth case studies where visits from our team may be conducted
  • Information collected will be treated confidentially and only be used anonymously and on an aggregated basis. Privacy and confidentiality will be discussed with you prior to data collection.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 861976.

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