Although insects provide a simple, affordable and convenient alternative to conventional protein sources, rearing them can be quite the challenge! With insects often being sensitive to different environmental factors, it is essential to have a robust and versatile rearing system that ensures optimum productivity whilst keeping inputs minimal. Our team has years of experience in developing insect rearing systems, from small scale to mass rearing operations, for multiple species. Having worked internationally, including in Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda, New Generation Nutrition has the tools to design and realise successful insect rearing operations, developing applicable solutions for all contexts.

In-house expert Mark van de Ven has been rearing insects since 1998 and uses a hands-on approach to set up rearing systems on all scales up to 2000kg / week, with varying species, climates and client needs.

As for processing, our team designs processing for both small and large-scale operations according to the desired qualities of the final product, with over 40 years of combined experience.

Marleen Vrij and Mohammad al Shikh have extensive knowledge stemming from the food industry, pet feed industry and chemical engineering sector, with the designing and realisation of processing systems being a key specialisation, whilst maintaining quality and safety.  In essence, we bring insect application ideas to life by providing technical and practical insight into insect processing to create versatile, usable and practical processing systems using innovative insect ingredients.