Here at NGN we know that the insect industry is a small sector with a huge potential; this is why we’re so keen to get the word out about bugs. Here in our archives you can find various publications and videos that we hope will help to spread the word about insects!


Aquaculture Magazine on Insects in Fish Feed with Marleen Vrij (2013) Dutch / English

Insects as a future food source (2013)

Resources for our Future with Marian Peters (p114) (2013)

Entrepreneurs Lift+ on NGN and Sustainable Fish Feed (2015)

VN Magazine with Marian Peters and Venik (2015)

Politics in the Insect Sector with Marian Peters and Jan Huitema (2017) Dutch / English

Insecten voor Feed, Food en Farma by Rijksoverheid

Aquaculture Magazine on Mealworms with Marleen Vrij (2017)

IPIFF Regulatory Roadmap for Insects in Feed and Food

Toelatingsprocedure voor insecten als mini-vee by WUR


Video: Marleen Vrij for Interreg IN2LOTA Project